We start with your vision. Our proprietary process is designed to help you better understand where you are, where you would like to be, and what is most important to you. It is this process that helps lead you and us in understanding the outcomes that you want to achieve for you, your family, and the community. From there we help you achieve your most valued goals and dreams through real-life financial strategies that employ creative, cutting-edge ideas and a multidisciplinary perspective.

Suitability Pyramid

We have designed our Suitability Pyramid to achieve your vision for life while helping to ensure that all the essential areas of your finances have been addressed.

We start with the pyramid’s foundation of creating good habits, move on to the financial solutions that create the life you envision, and finally explore the legacy that you would like to leave your loved ones. The key word in our Suitability Pyramid is “suitability.” You will choose the tiers that work for your lifestyle, and together we will create a completely personalized pyramid for you and your family.


We have designed the Suitability Pyramid to add clarity to your decisions and increase your confidence that your dreams are achievable. As your wealth and its complexity grow, we may expand on some areas, providing highly personalized family office services and drawing on our network of specialists to both simplify and grow your wealth.


Our team and proprietary process can help you control 100% of your wealth by employing strategies that help:

  • Reduce or eliminate income taxes
  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on highly appreciated assets
  • Eliminate estate and/or gift taxes
  • Protect assets from creditors
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Pass the full value of your estate to family and charity
  • Maximize the value of your business
  • Create an exit plan for you from your business
  • Implement cost-reduction strategies for your business
  • Pass your valuables along with your values to future generations
  • Free up time for what is most important to you

An Investment Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

We apply a tactical strategy to building your portfolio and attaining your goals. While many investment managers have adopted a passive approach to investments, their clients face a common problem: This “do nothing” strategy means investors have to be prepared to ride the markets when those markets go down. The resulting emotional stress can be enormous.

We take a different approach, one that helps manage the market bumps along the road to your goals. Our active approach to managing portfolios means we help manage the downside when markets go down. We then take advantage of market swings upward, capturing as much of that upside as we can. In this way, we help you manage the stress that a downswing can cause while helping you take advantage of opportunities that help reach your objectives.

Your Team of Experts

We believe that having one team working on your behalf, with a single point of contact, can save you time and money. As your primary wealth strategist, we help relieve you of worries that your advisors are not really working for you. We serve as your point of contact, calling on the finest experts in their fields—service providers, legal specialists, investment bankers, and tax code experts—who can bring the best solution to your concerns.


Family Services

We help give you the freedom to pursue your goals while providing you with a comprehensive array of services that meet you at every stage of your life.