Imagine ...

  • simplifying your life and having more time for you, your family, and the community you serve.

  • being in control of your wealth through creative and cutting-edge ideas and a multidisciplinary approach to reaching your goals.

  • having a team of forward-thinking specialists who are dedicated to helping you achieve your life vision.

  • a proprietary process designed to attain what’s most important to you—a process that guides us in understanding and achieving your goals.

Financial Planning for Real Life

Traditional financial planning draws on algorithms that project your life decades into the future. But financial planning should look at your life now.

You need a roadmap that doesn’t just prepare you for retirement. You need a roadmap that prepares you for everything in between. A roadmap that simplifies your money and gives you direction. That guides you to your most cherished goals.

At Lifestyle Freedom, we provide that roadmap. We have developed a proprietary process that addresses the full span of your life, from foundational issues all the way to leaving a legacy. The solutions we develop for you won’t be pie-in-the-sky strategies. They will be creative, cutting-edge solutions that apply to your life here and now. Strategies that can help reduce or eliminate income taxes, select the right education course for your children, protect your assets, and maximize the value of your business.

We call this process lifestyle management. By giving your planning structure and by grounding it in real life, we free you from the time-consuming task of managing your wealth and choosing among the multitude of financial and investment options. We free you to focus on the rest of your life—the people and experiences that are most important to you.

As your wealth increases, we can expand on our offering to address your increasing complexity. By offering you access to the personalized attention of a family office and the brightest minds in the country, we will help you manage the stresses and maximize the opportunities of your wealth. We do all this with one enduring goal: to provide organization to your money, clarity to your vision, and real-life guidance toward your goals.


About Lifestyle Freedom

At Lifestyle Freedom, we believe in freeing clients from their money so they can focus on what makes them feel fulfilled. We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to do what’s right by our clients. Based in Connecticut and Florida, we provide lifestyle management to individuals and families throughout the United States.


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